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July 27, 2012 / justinarndt

SEM SEO & Social Media

SEM SEO & Social MediaSearch Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are two different ways to get your message to the consuming public. Up until the past few years these two ways of internet marketing were really the only possibility that you had of anyone ever receiving your message. You either optimized your website for search or your spread the word about your website via forums or email or any other less than optimal example. There were of course some savvy marketers that were taking advantage of both sources of traffic, and those sites were the ones raking in the big bucks! Today things are changing, and fast! Now there is a third option, and some may argue that its potential outweighs the other two options put together. The new option, of course, is Social Media. This is the way of the world now. Social Media is less a marketing method and more of a phenomenon – a way of life even for millions of people. Times are different. Before, if you were not marketing and optimizing you were missing out. Now, regardless of the other two, if you are not connecting Socially, you may not last the year! We here at How to Get More Followers on Twitter are changing the way things are done. We are not the first, and we won’t be the last, but we are exceptional at what we do. We have always had a top notch Search Engine Optimization team, and our Marketing department, though small, was tenacious. For the last two years, admittedly we were a little behind when it came to Social Media. However, we were not ignoring it, we were waiting it out. We spent the entirety of the last two years testing and planning, planning and re-testing and now we are ready to, not only, dip our toes in the Social Media ocean, but also to make a splash like you have not seen online to date. I, am proud to bring you end-all, be-all Internet Domination Package. We are ready and waiting to take your online presence to a level normally reserved for major brands with million dollar budgets. And we are offering this to you risk free! Our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee is one of a kind on the world wide web. When you purchase our SEO-SEM-Social Domination Combo Pack the results are guaranteed or your money back. And this is not a guarantee of work performed, this is a guarantee of results. What you will receive: 1. Top Notch Blog Creation Service 2. Social Media Account 3. A Top 10 Google Ranking for both of the above. 4. Thousands of Organic Followers to your Social Media site. That’s right, not only will we create a professional Blog with only professionally written content, but we will also create a high quality social media account and manage it for the duration of the process. BEFORE the end of the 90 day period you will receive: 1. Your Page 1 Ranked Blog’s login details. 2. Your Page 1 Ranked Social Media Account login details. 3. A detailed report of all your high ranking, high traffic keywords and Social Media followers via Priority Mail. Keyword selection: The most important part of our service is the keyword selection process. Upon purchasing our service you will be sent an email questionnaire about your business and your niche or potential niche. That’s right you don’t even have to have a current product or service to sell, just have something in mind! We will use your information to formulate a list of keywords using our proprietary keyword selection process. We will then send you one final email with a list of potential keywords. One thing we do not do is even offer the possibility of ranking you for keywords that are not highly searched. The list of keywords you will receive will all be searched AT LEAST nine thousand times a month (that is exact match, not broad or phrase match) in Google. You simply respond with the ten keywords for which you would like us to rank your blog and social media property. It is this list of ten keywords that will formulate your Money Back Guarantee. At this point your Guarantee Voucher is generated and mailed to you via Priority Mail (don’t worry all mail costs are handled by our staff). We will attempt to rank your site for ALL TEN of the highly searched keywords that you choose. In fact we guarantee to rank you for AT LEAST one, but the likelihood is high that you will receive many more high rankings in Google. If your blog does not achieve a page 1 ranking for AT LEAST one of the keywords that we agree on, OR your social media account does not achieve a page 1 ranking for AT LEAST one of the keywords that we agree on your money will be refunded IN FULL no questions asked. In fact, you will not even need to ask for the money back. Upon purchasing our service, your properties will be created, your rankings will be achieved, and your report will be generated and sent to you. If this has not occured by midnight (12:00AM EST) on the 90th day, your money will be immediately refunded. You will not even have to ask. At this point you will still receive the login details of both your properties, a report of your keyword rankings achieved, as well the number of organic followers to your social media account. Not a bad deal, huh? So what are you waiting for? Ready to take your website, and internet marketing dreams to a whole ‘nother level? Order the SEO-SEM Social Domination Combo Package today.

July 13, 2012 / justinarndt

Is it time for Twitter?

hot twitter

It is never a bad idea to invest in an increase in Twitter Followers to your website, especially if it is still fairly new in the eyes of Google. At this point in a website’s life it is basically most important to increase the word of mouth, or whatever the online equivalent of word of mouth would be. I believe that would be social media, and in the case of popularity and number of users, Twitter seems to be your best bet. Twitter is the best way to increase your social media reach in a short amount of time. With the Twitter API and all the great work that is being done to improve and tweak the information and statistics that this site generates, really the sky is the limit. You truly cannot go wrong with an exciting, and effective Twitter campaign targeting the proper users and accounts on the site itself.

This video gives a very basic, albeit highly informative rundown of what you can do with Twitter and even some tips on how it can improve your business and increase the number of followers that you receive.

When you are lost in the social media world, I suggest you check out a few of these videos from authority sites like Twitter or from Matt Cutts of Google, really you can’t go wrong with channels like these. Just try to get as much knowledge that you possible can on all the inner workings of Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc and you will eventually begin to figure out the best way to grow your social media following in the fastest way possible. When in doubt you can also check out our page letting you know the easiest and fastest way to answer the question how to get more followers on twitter. It is informative as well as extremely simple in solving the problem for you!